Hi, I'm Abi.  I'm a yoga teacher and runner based in West London. 

I came to yoga more than ten years ago when I was looking for an intense, all-encompassing physical workout. Through regular practice I discovered that it had a really positive effect on my mental health and well-being too - something that I was surprised and delighted by. I truly believe that yoga can help us find balance and calm in our lives, things that often seem very far away from a hectic London schedule.

On a side note, I noticed that after a couple of years of practice, the back pain that I'd been suffering from on and off since my late teens was entirely gone. Magic? Probably not. The physical practice of yoga involves all parts of the body working together in a balance between strength and flexibility, effort and ease. When you power this movement from deep inside with your breath, wonderful things can happen.

Listening to your body, observing the mind in all its randomness and seeming uncontrollability, knowing when to ease off or when to push on a little bit - these are things I have learned, and am constantly learning, through teaching and practising yoga. It's a joy and a challenge to take these lessons into all areas of my life. My other passion besides yoga is running and I'm fascinated by the positive impact the two disciplines can have on each other, both physically and mentally.

I would love to work with you either at one of my regular public classes, or in a private session, to help you discover the many benefits of incorporating yoga into your life.


Wow! Really. Wow, wow, wow. I attended my first ever yoga session this evening and not knowing what to expect, I was somewhat skeptical. I need not have been for I learnt today that yoga is not really an exercise, more so a state of mental wellbeing. I call it my Dr Who session. I feel regenerated, empowered - Eddie

It's easy to think you just need to stretch your legs after running but what I have found with Abi's yoga class is that every bit of my body - my back, glutes, shoulders, arms, neck, feet, all need to be eased and coaxed into stretching and relaxing. Abi's style of teaching is straight-forward, clear and easy to follow and ensures you don't push yourself beyond what you are capable of. Being a vinyasa flow class means it is very accessible for complete beginners but also challenging for those with more experience. After five classes I've really noticed how much stronger I feel and how my posture has improved - Caroline

Abi was fantastic, the girls really warmed to her and loved the session - Olivia (coordinator for corporate classes)

Abi is a very calm, patient and encouraging teacher. Her classes vary from week to week and are always a joy to attend. She gives great help and ideas to accommodate the different levels of ability within the class. She is welcoming to all - Gráinne

Trained by Jonathan Thompson at Yoga London

Insured to teach by Yoga Link

My CV is available here

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