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Hi, I'm Abi. I'm a yoga teacher and runner based in West London. 

I went to my first yoga class while I was at university but it didn't land for me straight away. A few years later, in my mid twenties, I was looking for an intense, all-encompassing physical experience to complement the TaeKwonDo and running that I had started to get into and enjoy.

I honestly was not expecting that yoga would take me on a profound mental and emotional journey too, having not appreciated at first the depth of the practice beyond asana (the physical shapes). 

Over 15 years down the line I still marvel at the richness of this powerful practice. Listening to my body, observing my mind in all its randomness and seeming uncontrollability, knowing when to ease off or when to push on a little bit - these are things I have learned, and am constantly learning, through teaching and practising yoga. It neither starts nor finishes on the mat either and it's a joy and a challenge to take these lessons into all areas of my life. 

I would love to work with you either at one of my regular public classes, or in a private session, to help you discover the many benefits of incorporating yoga into your life.


Wow! Really. Wow, wow, wow. I attended my first ever yoga session this evening and not knowing what to expect, I was somewhat skeptical. I need not have been for I learnt today that yoga is not really an exercise, more so a state of mental wellbeing. I call it my Dr Who session. I feel regenerated, empowered - Eddie

It's easy to think you just need to stretch your legs after running but what I have found with Abi's yoga class is that every bit of my body - my back, glutes, shoulders, arms, neck, feet, all need to be eased and coaxed into stretching and relaxing. Abi's style of teaching is straight-forward, clear and easy to follow and ensures you don't push yourself beyond what you are capable of. Being a vinyasa flow class means it is very accessible for complete beginners but also challenging for those with more experience. After five classes I've really noticed how much stronger I feel and how my posture has improved - Caroline


Abi was fantastic, the girls really warmed to her and loved the session - Olivia (coordinator for corporate classes)


Abi’s yoga classes have been an absolute lifeline during lockdown - an opportunity to reconnect with my body after hours hunched over a laptop, and to still my mind from the anxiety of these Covid times. I’m a keen runner, and have really benefited from the opportunity to stretch and strengthen regularly. Abi’s instructions are really clear, with plenty of options so the session can suit your own ability, and she creates a very warm and welcoming space for us all. I’m really looking forward to starting classes in person again this month - Jenny

Abi’s classes are always a delight, whether in person or more recently via Zoom. Her level of detailed instruction as we move through the class does inspire confidence for novices such as me, and I wish I could fit time for her sessions into my schedule more often! - Jonathan

I can heartily recommend! The morning Movement & Meditation classes have been wonderful all through lockdown, and Slow Flow is a lovely class too - Allie

Abi's zoom yoga classes have been a breath of fresh air these last few months. A lovely space to find peace in breath and gentle movement. No pressure and excellent instruction to help you find your own level - Gráinne


I started doing Zoom classes with Abi during lockdown and was a little nervous as I hadn't done any yoga for many years.  I needn't have been as the classes have been brilliant.  There is absolutely no pressure and you do as much - or as little - as you are able, Abi's instructions are clear and easy to follow.  It's become an important part of my week and I miss it when I can't make the class - Jacquie

I rediscovered yoga this year with Abi and it's been a very positive addition to my life. Her classes are really enjoyable, each week she composes a different and imaginative set of poses and she explains them so well, giving us a choice of easier or more challenging alternatives. I always feel both relaxed and energised at the end of her class - Teresa

I love Abi’s yoga for runners class - she is a great teacher and after dipping in and out of yoga over the years I just find her classes the right mix of challenge while feeling totally comfortable about not being able to bend in half! Highly recommend - Stef


Trained by Yoga London, registered with Yoga Alliance

Insured to teach by Wellbeing Insurance

My CV is available here

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