Vinyasa Flow | Slow Flow | Yin Yoga | Meditation  


A mixture of online and in person classes on offer for you - details are below with each class. For in person classes you will need to book your slot in advance. For online classes you can just turn up so let me know if you would like the link to access the sessions.

Everybody is welcome.


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In person at OPEN Ealing, Dickens Yard, W5 2TD

Please bring your own mat


18.30-19.30 SLOW FLOW

Online via zoom, beamed from my place to yours.



17.30-18.15 YIN YOGA

Online via zoom, beamed from my place to yours.

07.30-08.30 SLOW FLOW

In person at OPEN Ealing, Dickens Yard, W5 2TD

Please bring your own mat


18.30-19.30 VINYASA FLOW

Online via zoom, beamed from my place to yours.


08.00-09.00 SLOW FLOW

Online via zoom, beamed from my place to yours.


12.15-13.00 YIN YOGA

In person at Gymbox Ealing, Dickens Yard, W5 2TD


Beginners / Super Gentle

Exactly as the name suggests, this session is perfect for those with little or no previous experience of yoga, or those who would prefer an extra gentle session where there is space for more explanation of poses.

Slow Flow

A gentle, expansive physical practice, suitable for everyone, with plenty of opportunity to pause in between shapes and a good long savasana.

Vinyasa Flow

Let's get moving, wobbling, laughing and breathing. A dynamic practice with more options to increase the fire and have a play!

Yin Yoga

The art of being still. Poses are held for several minutes, fully supported, enabling you to let go and sink into the shape. You will need a firm cushion or two, a couple of blocks or thick books and a blanket (at Gymbox these will be provided).


In all sessions I'll suggest some shapes and talk you through them, but these slots are really opportunities to connect to your own body, hopefully to carve out a moment or two of stillness and calm in what is still a turbulent time.

Whether you're practising online in the comfort of your own home, or in a studio sharing the energy of others, these sessions are pressure-free and body positive - come as you are and see what feels good. 

For all sessions I suggest £7.50/45 minute class and £10/60 minute class (classes at Gymbox are different - please see below). Please bear in mind that the amounts are suggestions. As the C-19 situation drags on, financial circumstances continue to change for many of us and what might have been possible previously may not now. I would much rather you came along and experienced the many benefits that a yoga practice has to offer, perhaps now more than ever, than didn't come because you're worried about the money. Drop me an email on for information on how to join.

 Please book OPEN Ealing sessions in advance by emailing / messaging me and bring your own mat. It can get a little chilly in the space when we are still, so you might want an extra layer for savasana too.

Prices for Gymbox classes are set by the studio. For the full timetable and information on how to join, check out their website here.